Wind energy

Why is health relevant in wind turbine projects?

People living near wind turbines primarily experience noise nuisance from the wind turbines. Some experience nuisance (irritation, anger and discomfort) if they feel that the quality of the environment or their surroundings has worsened as a result of the siting of the wind turbines. This can give rise to health complaints.


Which environmental aspects play a role?

In order to be able to determine the health impacts of wind turbines it is important to investigate various aspects.


How do I present the information?

Nuisance is a distinguishing aspect when assessing potential locations for wind turbines and the best array pattern for a wind farm. An EA report should therefore not only be reviewed on the basis of the legal norms for noise and the shadow produced by the rotating blades but must also pay attention to the environmental burden arising when legal norms are not exceeded. See more at Methods.


Which alternatives and measures are possible?  

  • location and extent of the wind farm;
  • configuration of the wind farm and the locations of turbines within the plan area;
  • capacity, dimensions and type of turbines;
  • turbine parking arrangements and adjusting rotation speed, application of coatings and blocking of light.