Roads and health

Roads and health

The construction of a road can influence the health of people living nearby. For example, via exhaust fumes, noise nuisance and the road’s barrier effect. When drawing up policy, plans or projects, it is therefore important to pay attention explicitly to the impacts on people's health. See environmental aspects. 

How should I do this?

How health impacts are measured, depends on the type of plan and the planning phase. Of importance is the level of detail of the available environmental information. Strive to match the level of detail of the research to the level of decision-making. See methods.

What are the alternatives or measures?

The environmental assessment report must state clearly which alternatives and measures are possible in order to limit the negative health impacts or to promote public health. Good alternatives might be those with the largest distance between homes and the road; mitigating measures could be noise barriers, quieter road surfaces, environmental zones and/or speed restrictions. See Alternatives and measures


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